The Meaning of Streetwear

Posted by Sam Davis 10/10/2018 0 Comment(s)

The Meaning of Streetwear


Streetwear and it's early beliefs are certainly held in high regard by the Fuse Clothing team. As in the name, Fuse stands for a coming together, or a fusion of cultures, styles and influences.



But what does streetwear stand for?


Streetwear and its cultural meaning derives from communal togetherness, bringing elements closer that would not usually belong together as one. Its long lasting traditions have continually influenced throughout the decades, giving people a way of expressing themselves and a platform of solidarity.


In modern cultural society, streetwear is about community, embracing all and giving a sense of homliness that crosses gender, race, age and class through dress.


Fuse Clothing intends to continue with that school of thought. Bringing you clothing that does not have a specific niche but is available to all. Our tees are the highest quality but at a price point considerably lower than other brands. We don't just feature mens clothing, our tees fit all, as seen with our many female customers. We cross all boundaries so that everyone is welcome.


So as we at Fuse Clothing learn more about who we are as a brand and continue to grow and diversify, learning more about what we stand for, we continue to offer a communal platform where all belong.

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