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It’s festival season again, and while the biggest events this summer gear up to welcome music acts from around the world, it’s the perfect time for you to grab some mates and get organising those festival trips! It is no secret that the UK has some of the best festivals going, from Creamfields to Download, Reading and WE ARE FSTVL, it's all on our doorstep and they’re waiting for us to rock up.


Now we know festival packing isn't usually high on most guys’ agendas, and while multiple festival fashion supplements and style guides make their way around the web for women, gents tend to opt for a simple pair of shorts, pair of wellies and a t-shirt.


Knowing the wonderful British weather as we all do, a waterproof is essential, but how are you going to stand out from the crowd with that? If you're into your fashion, and lets face it, most of us like to think we are, a decent t-shirt is a good place to start. It’s essential you get noticed while you wade through the mud baths to get to a cider (or two), before losing it in front of your favourite act. Whether you’re hitting Leeds Festival or chilling at Glastonbury we’ve got the perfect festival fashion wear for you.


It’s no secret here at Fuse Clothing that we’re really looking forward to the 2015 season. As massive festival-goers ourselves, we thought it would make more than just sense for you to start with our range, inspired by our love for the very festivals themselves.


There is no doubting that the global festival circuit has become so huge and varied that it can be nearly impossible to know where to even start, especially when clothing is concerned, but here at Fuse Clothing we have your backs. Our growing range of top tees offer a variety of different styles to suit everyone’s needs, and we thought we would give you the perfect combo to go with them.




Without a doubt festivals mean it’s shorts time, and whether the gods decide to open up the heavens is irrelevant. The likelihood is you are going to be roasting if it’s raining or the sun decides to show, so there is no room for jeans here.


Without a doubt ASOS offer a wide variety of suitable offerings perfect for all your festival needs, but our perfect choice has to be the swiss army knife of shorts. These slim fit, mid length denims will go with anything, meaning less packing and more room for your booze. At the risk of sounding like your dad they will dry in no time just in case that inevitable down pour does come. At £25 they really are all you need.




The amount of people we have seen at festivals with trainers is ridiculous. No matter how cool you think you look they are just not the right footwear, especially for the Great British Festival. At Fuse Clothing we have enough festival knowledge to have a good idea of what’s good for the job. These Hunter Dazzle boots are both stylish and provide much needed comfort for traipsing from tent to arena and back again. And don’t forget the welly socks, no-one likes welly burn!




You would be stupid not to expect even a light showering at some point over your festival weekend. It would be even worse if we caught you in one of those cheap plastic ponchos because you didn’t plan right. With that in mind surely it makes sense to invest in a decent waterproof that you can happily pull out at a moments notice.


We think we’ve found the perfect one for you, lightweight with a thin fleece coating this Adler waterproof hooded jacket is ideal. And if you don’t fancy wearing it there is no embarrassment handing it to your Mrs or lady friend for them to look after.




So you have the shorts, wellies and waterproof, it’s time for t-shirt. In our opinion this is your opportunity to add something a little unique to show off your style. It’s lucky for you that our tees are specially designed for this very occasion. From our retro ‘Record’ to our ‘This moment’ t-shirts there is something for everyone. This festival season calls for making a serious statement and our tees are the ideal opportunity to get your personality accross.


Our t-shirts not only offer unique designs but guaranteed quality, all Fuse Clothing tees being produced exclusively in the UK, made from 100% cotton and hand printed local to the Manchester area, meaning we can keep an eye on every t-shirt that goes out.


Without a doubt, our tees combined with these other fashion must haves give you the perfect combo to be ready for any festival.


So whether you’re partying in the UK or heading further afield, there really is no need to worry about your festival fashion. Fuse Clothing is here to help.


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